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What is FilmLaab?

FilmLaab is a film collective located in Salt Lake City, Utah, that partners with forward-thinking brands and creatives to produce high-quality content and meaningful experiences through film and other creative outlets.

We subscribe to the thought that a curated network of top-tier creative professionals is the future of content creation. By bringing together innovative filmmakers, designers, and writers while providing strong structure and processes, we can create high-quality projects that rival the traditional approach to film production.

We've also dabbled in self-initiated content, campaigns, merchandise, and other creative projects to help lift and redefine creative culture and current methods of production. So if you're ever in Salt Lake City, swing by our studio and say hi! We're always happy to talk shop (or shoot the breeze).


Bronson Christensen,
“I can’t say enough about the talent of the FilmLaab team. From strategy to process to execution, they deliver every single time. Their ability to cut through the noise and produce content that ACTUALLY works is insane. We used to sell out our drops in a few hours, but since working with FilmLaab to create content, we sell out within 5 minutes. Our audience can’t stop talking about our brand leveling up. We won’t use anyone else for video.”

Jon Lee,
Creative Director
"Film Laab is way more than a group of talented editors and shooters. These guys are a dream. They can do it all, and everything they do is amazing. They’re storytellers, expert producers, master editors, and brilliant collaborators. But they’re also super responsible and care deeply about creating content that works. Their videos deliver a ton of impact, produce leads and drive serious demand for our products. In the short time we’ve been working together, they’ve created dozens of videos that are some of the best content we've ever created. Couldn’t be happier with our partnership."

Shane Hickenlooper,
Co-Founder & CEO
“Working with FilmLaab is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been in the agency world for the last 4 years and have worked with a lot of freelancers. Most of them are great creatives but struggle on the business side. FilmLaab is a different story. They understand impact and the purpose of great content in driving demand. They’re professional, timely and the creative work they do is the best I’ve seen in the state of Utah (or anywhere). I’d recommend them to anyone.”

“Recently, we used FilmLaab content for a client’s ad campaign. We got over 150 leads in one weekend and had to turn off the ads just so our client could catch up on info requests.”

Taylor Brown,
Former Owner & CEO
"FilmLaab is a stellar team. From dialing the creative process, to executing, and editing - they always make sure you get exactly what you want and what will drive the most amount of sales. One of our video projects we did resulted in 520 orders the first weekend, which was 6x what we were doing at the time! We would highly recommend them to anyone”

Andrew Jones,
Sr. Director, Marketing
“Working with FilmLaab to produce insightful, interesting and engaging content is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Unlike other agencies, FilmLaab understands marketing. They understood what I needed without me telling them and partnered with our team to create the most compelling content possible. To this day, one of their videos is still Route’s best performing piece of content - it’s been seen by over 5M people and continues to drive new business for our team.”