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What is FilmLaab?

FilmLaab is a film collective located in Salt Lake City, Utah, that partners with forward-thinking brands and creatives to produce high-quality content and meaningful experiences through film and other creative outlets.

We subscribe to the thought that a curated network of top-tier creative professionals is the future of content creation. By bringing together innovative filmmakers, designers, and writers while providing strong structure and processes, we can create high-quality projects that rival the traditional approach to film production.

We've also dabbled in self-initiated content, campaigns, merchandise, and other creative projects to help lift and redefine creative culture and current methods of production. So if you're ever in Salt Lake City, swing by our studio and say hi! We're always happy to talk shop (or shoot the breeze).

Tristen Ikaika


Tristen Ikaika
“This is your life”
Salt Lake City, UT

The story of Tristen Ikaika started with stealing a spoon from his mother's kitchen and has lead to a deal with the sharks. Tristen's empire has been built through his emphasis on community and brand. The story of the "Ring King" and his journey to SharkTank was captured and told through this piece.

Jackson Averett

Set Design:
Ashley England & Makena Ale
Director of Photography:
Mitchell Thayne

Jackson Averett
Creative Director:
Tristen Persons

Assistant Editor:
Mitchell Thayne